Kanye West Is Getting Insane Backlash Over This One Tweet, With Sarah Silverman Even Calling Him Out

Kanye West is no stranger for idiotic Twitter controversy; the famed rapper made headlines late last month for this stupid Twitter beef he started with Wiz Khalifa, then he made headlines again after Amber Rose threw herself into the mix and started calling out Kanye for liking it when his butthole gets plundered. All in all, it was a very, very stupid “beef” that no one should have paid attention to, but did anyway because “Lolololol butt stuff!”

Well unfortunately this time there’s no butt stuff involved, only Kanye being an idiot on the Internet:

Regardless of your feelings on Bill Cosby, you and I both know better than to tweet out something like that. Well, maybe that’s a lie – you could probably do it without getting into trouble. I could maybe do it too, except I never would because I have other things to do with my time besides troll all over the web (that’s a lie, I’m lying, look at me lying I’m really a huge troll la la la la la). As can be expected, Twitter got into an uproar…:

Even comedian Sarah Silverman felt the need to respond to Kanye:

Call it attention whoring or call it Kanye being Kanye, but we know one thing for sure: he’ll probably do something similar next week and everyone will flip out about it again. Fun fun fun.

[H/T Daily Mail]