Kanye West Got Caught Sleeping In A Store And The Resulting Photoshops Were Amazing

If there are two things people definitely love they are (1) Photoshopping a regular picture into something funny and (2) making fun of Kanye West.

So after all of his Twitter outbursts and asking for money people were certainly more than ready to give Kanye a little hell.

The photo of Kanye, shared by his wife Kim Kardashian, shows Yeezy and his daughter North asleep while they were at a store shopping with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

I guess putting out a new album and going ballistic on social media takes a lot out of a guy. And apparently, thanks to these Photoshops, Kanye can sleep pretty much anywhere.

Check out the rest of the funny Photoshops (and there are a lot) over at Reddit.

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