Crowd Boos Kanye West After He Says ‘I Would Have Voted For Trump,’ Declares America Racist And Will Run For POTUS

Kanye West is not afraid to give his opinion, even when people may disagree with his take. Kanye was performing in San Jose, California, as part of his Saint Pablo tour when he stopped the show to discuss the presidential election, a dangerously divisive topic that can alienate your fanbase.

The rapper revealed that he did not vote, but admitted that if he had: “I would have voted for Donald Trump.” Kanye was then booed by the crowd.

Kanye said President-elect Trump’s campaign strategy was “absolutely genius.”

He also told the crowd that America is a “racist fucking country,” “the world is racist,” and instructed black people to “stop focusing on racism.”

“I have decided in 2020 to run for President,” he told a cheering crowd.

Kanye said he intends on becoming a different type of President if nobody else is up for the job.

Here is the rant that Kanye went on during his concert.