Kanye West’s Rider For His Oxford University Lecture Had The Most Kanye West Item Ever On It

Riders have been a part of the music and entertainment industry for decades. (Probably. I haven’t verified any of what I just wrote.) If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a rider is basically a list of demands that the “talent” wants to have backstage or in their dressing room. The list can included anything from specific types or brands of food and booze, to weird shit like lava lamps and hookers.

Every artist has different demands and it should come as no surprise that Kanye West, even when giving a speech at a college, has his own special brand of needs.

Here’s what Kanye West wanted for his recent lecture at Oxford University, according to Metro via The Tab:

‘He wanted Volvic water bottles with the labels removed, a small veggie platter, hummus, and hot water.’

‘He also wanted a small variety of tea bags, double espresso available to be made if requested, and raw asparagus.’

‘He asked for a full sized mirror too. We couldn’t buy one at short notice, Argos said we had to order it in. So one girl on the committee just had to carry hers out of her room.’

Of course Kanye West needed that full-length mirror. OF COURSE HE NEEDED THAT. Couldn’t possibly know how much of a style icon he looked like — in his fashion-forward hoodie and sneakers — without a full-blown mirror. Couldn’t do it. No possible way. Thank god for the hero who stepped up to the plate and delivered that necessity.

What I’m more excited to learn, though, is that Kanye West eats a lot of asparagus. Sure he’s a narcissist that probably gets more pleasure from jerking off to his own reflection than fucking his wife, but knowing that the dude appreciates a good stinky pee makes me hate him way less. Real salt of the earth guy.