Karl Welzein AKA DadBoner From Twitter Has A Cartoon Now, Includes Guy Fieri Cameo

If you’ve been on Twitter since way back, you probably know who about Karl Welzein AKA DadBoner. It’s a parody account based on the life of a man who lives in Michigan and loves America, Guy Fieri, the Detroit Lions, carnal passions and drinking top-shelf Margs. He’s a real salt of the earth motherfucker, ya heard? He’s also a pretty entertaining follow on Twitter. Or at least he used to be when the account was updated regularly.

Today, DadBoner tweeted out a new cartoon (above) called Power Moves.  When I hit play I was fully prepared to love it. Truthfully, though, I can’t decide how I feel. It’s full of the signature Welzein lingo and topics, but the voice in the cartoon is not the voice I hear in my head when I read his tweets. I’m struggling with it. It sounds too young. You know what does sound spot on though? The voice Guy Fieri. I don’t know if he willingly did some voice acting for this, but sounds EXACTLY like him.

Although I can’t figure out whether or not I love or hate this, I do hope there are subsequent episodes, because my Twitter feed just isn’t the same without a daily stream of DadBoner.

[H/T My dear friend Andy]

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