Kate Upton’s Boobs Made An Insane Amount Of Money For ‘Game Of War: Fire Age’ And They Were Probably Worth Every Penny

Kate Upton Game of War


It’s hard to miss the ads for Game of War: Fire Age. They’re on TV constantly, in video preroll (that’s the industry name for the commercials before your YouTube clip of dumb cars) on billboards, in magazines and anywhere they can plaster an ad. Game of War, Kate Upton and her amazing medieval cleavage are everywhere you turn.

That’s exactly what the creators of Game of War: Fire Age want because they spent over $40 million on advertising. It’s paid dividends — Game of War: Fire Age is the one of the top selling games in the App Store.

Imagine if the game didn’t suck. Now I’m not the one saying the game isn’t so great. The Game of War: Fire Age MetaCritic score isn’t so hot with the biggest complaint being Upton and her tits begging for money every few minutes.

If it’s not the game play, and it’s not a hardcore fan base, are Upton’s boobies the only reason Game of War: Fire Age is a top seller? Her rack can make a strong case. They can also make a strong TV stand.

So how much did Kate Upton make to shoot a couple commercials and mug for an F2P Mobile MMO? Some are speculating a large chunk of the $40 million went straight to Upton. Unlikely but to be the face of a franchise would cost a nice chunk of change.

Whatever the case, I look forward to Kate Upton’s boobs popping up on my cell in the future. Even if it means buying a crappy game.

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