AWW Here It Goes: Kel Mitchell Is Making a Comeback

Kel Mitchell—who was CLEARLY the funnier of the two in Kenan & Kel, although, to be fair, I was, like, six when it premiered—had a rough go of things after child stardom. His first major “grown-up” film role, Mystery Man, bombed, and he fell into a familiar rut of voice roles and guest appearances on children's shows, most notably a prolonged stint as “T-Bone” on Clifford the Big Red Dog. In 2003, Kel lost an SNL audition to none other than Kenan Thompson, who now has spent over a decade on the show and, reportedly, won't even speak to his former partner

Well, suck it, Kenan. Kel is returning to Nickelodeon, the place that made him a superstar, in a role on a show the kids say is popular called “Sam and Cat.” Which ultimately doesn't matter, because COMEBACK, BABY. Kel plays a rap star called “Peezy B,” who, God willing, will lead us to an eventual Kenan and Kel reunion. And maybe even, God even more willing, a sequel to this bad boy.

Aw, here it goes.

[H/T: Vulture]