You Can Hire Key And Peele PLUS 2 Chainz To Be Your Wedding Singers For Your Special Day

Plenty of people select a DJ for their wedding and that’s terrific. But in my opinion, which you couldn’t actually give a shit about, bands are the way to go. There’s something special about live music that pumps the crowd up far better than some kid with his Mac hooked up to a couple amps. The energy from a live band will make your momentous ceremony unique and noteworthy. And if you live in the Scotsdale/Phoenix area you can hire the best wedding band.

Introducing “Absorption,” a “supergroup of the best wedding band musicians of all-time.” They perform classic as well as new and popular songs, BUT they personalize the lyrics to represent the couple that is tying the knot.

“If you’ve got the cash, then we’ll make a dash to the nearest banquet hall to perform for you,” Keegan-Michael Key says. But Jordan Peele adds, “If you don’t have the cash, we still might do it.”

And if you pony up a little extra cash, you can get the deluxe package. This enhanced experience includes a performance from the Master Collaborator, 2 Chainz toting around a saxophone.

And once you hear 2 Chainz belt out a spirited cover of Katy Perry’s “Firework,” you will automatically see the value and wonderment of the deluxe package.