‘Kick-Ass 2’ Stuntman Saves Woman from Suicide Attempt at Comic-Con

On Friday, fans and onlookers crowded around a high-rise San Diego building to witness what had been billed as a publicity stunt for the movie. The building would host a party later that night. It made sense. But, at that same exact moment, a woman climbed onto a 14th floor balcony and publicly contemplated a jump. Not a stunt.

Three Kick-Ass 2 stuntmen—Amos Carver, Gregg Sergeant and Scot Schecter—saw the woman make her threat. They hopped a fence, got a green light from the building's manager to go upstairs, and made their way into the lady's apartment. After quietly sneaking to the balcony, the trio quickly attached a harness on the jumper, preventing her from falling. They then pulled her to safety. She was intoxicated and upset over a breakup. Meaning: This is definitely an incident that she regrets.

Do these guys get any sort of bonus or compensation if the movie does well? Because that might be reason enough to see it. Besides Jim Carrey.

[H/T: Gawker]