Watch The Glorious Moment Kris Jenner Got Booed By An Entire Arena This Past Weekend

You know you’re stain on society when an entire room full of tens of thousands boos you with zero remorse. That’s what happened at iHeartRadio’s 80s party at the L.A. Forum this past week. Kris Jenner was practically booed off the stage while introducing Boy George and Culture Club. An M.C. tries to settle the crowd, but they go straight WWE on her and only get louder. It’s pretty epic.

Since hate for the talentless Kardashian gang is at an all time high, you’d think Kris and the gang would just retreat to Bora Bora with the stash of cash she’s accumulated over the years and just chill. Yet going off the grid that’s the least Kardashian thing to do ever. The second they take any sort of fame vacation is the second the cultural fame well dries up for them for good.

Sometimes it’s better to be forgotten.

Meanwhile, the YouTube commentarti is being RUTHLESS.

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