These Photos Of The Ed Sullivan Theater Without ‘Late Show’ Marquee Are Super Depressing

David Letterman is no longer a part of late night television and life still goes on. Sadly, but, it moves on.

Even more depressing than Letterman being off our TVs forever is the quick dismantlement of his studio and the outside of the theater. “All right, Dave’s gone, tear all this shit down!”

After dumping the entire set in the trash THE DAY AFTER Dave’s final show, the crew got to work on the marquee sign outside the Ed Sullivan theater. Death And Taxes hit the scene to watch the sign come down and snap some photos for prosperity’s sake. Hopefully someone played taps.

This morning, Rupert the deli guy, a Late Show regular, posted a photo of the building minus the historic sign.

That hurts. Hurts so bad.

[via Death And Taxes]