Leonardo DiCaprio Is Partying In St. Barts With A Beach Full Of Hot Chicks

So how was your New Year’s Eve celebration? Whatever shitty, overcrowded, overpriced bar you went to and had soggy crostini, it sucked compared to Leonardo DiCaprio’s NYE. The esteemed actor and playboy was in tropical St. Barts, where a lot of fellow celebrities were ringing in the new year. Rihanna, Salma Hayek, Diddy and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich were all on the small island paradise partying this week.

Leo showed up in St. Barts on Tuesday wearing his 1920’s newsboy cap and just not giving a fuck because he knows he’s going to get plenty of 10’s without even trying. Then he was spotted on a picturesque beach with at least 10 super hot chicks. He was rocking a bushy, ragged beard like he was set to star in Cast Away 2, and that’s why I admire Leo.

Post by TMZ.

Your move Jeter.

You can see many more pics of the 40-year-old pimp and his lovely lady friends on TMZ.