People Are Trashing Leonardo DiCaprio For Traveling 8,000+ Miles In A Private Jet To Accept ‘Eco-Friendly’ Award


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You may look up to Leonardo DiCaprio for being an A-list actor, for being rich and famous and getting to slay supermodel poon at the snap of his fingers, but did you know that he’s also just like you and me? Sure! Leonardo DiCaprio is as big a hypocrite as anyone else, because when faced with the decision “Do I take my fancy private plane all by myself to accept this eco-friendly award, or do I risk sitting next to a baby in coach?” he picks what anyone else would – the private jet.

Who would pick sitting coach over sitting private leather couch? No one, obviously…but when everyone in the world knows your name and you dedicated your Oscar acceptance speech to global warming, don’t be surprised when people call you out for your bullshit:

On his way to collect an award for environmental campaigning, you’d imagine that Leonardo DiCaprio would be keen to burnish his green credentials.

However, as an A-list actor, he also has a busy schedule – so the star shunned more eco-friendly methods of transport to jump on to a private jet from Cannes to New York.

Having received his green award, the actor then flew straight back to France the following day – a round trip of 8,000 air miles.(via)

DiCaprio’s flight did not go unnoticed by top environmental campaign groups, as well as people on Twitter who are always chomping at the bit to point out hypocrisy:

Andrew Pendleton, of campaign group Friends of the Earth, said of DiCaprio’s actions: ‘It never looks good when a high-profile advocate for action on climate change like DiCaprio hops on a private jet.

‘It’s why we get disillusioned about people in the public eye.’(via)

DiCaprio’s reps have yet to comment on the matter, however according to Daily Mail a source close to DiCaprio stated that “He did not book any flights. The flights were already planned – he hitched a ride. It was the only way for him to attend both events.”

Surreeeeee they were. Or he could’ve just chosen one event over the other, something that us peasants have to do when faced with the choice of blowing $2,000 on airfare or just fecking off.

Ah, the lives of the rich and famous…what struggles (not).

[H/T Daily Mail]

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