Another Leonardo DiCaprio Twin Has Been Found And This One Loves Him Some Carbs

Yet another Leonardo DiCaprio doppelgänger has been found. His first lookalike was Swedish and there was definitely a resemblance but that guy was more “if Leo had a brother” where as this new guy is more “if Leo ate his brother.”

We don’t know much about Russia Leo (for the record, real Leo claims to be “half-Russian”), or what his life in this alternate reality is like. That looks like some sort of official uniform. Is he in the military? A security guard of some sort? A park ranger who fends off angry bear sex advances in the cold Russian wilderness? Does he date supermodels? He still has that delicate facial hair, that sexy and intriguing kind of hungover look. In his younger years, did he roll around with Russian Tobey Maguire and Russian David Blaine, a Russian Pussy Posse wreaking havoc, leaving swooning beauties in their wake? These are answers we may never know.

Those are all very good questions but I’ll just answer them all with one “no” and assume this poor guy spent his life listening to people say “do you know who you look like?” and “you know if you stopped eating Ding Dongs you’d look just like…” and that’s a pretty shitty life.

[via GQ]