Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dropping Almost $100K On A ‘Revenant’ Style Expedition That Includes Hunting With Falcons

Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t tear down his body enough while filming The Revenant. As I’m sure all of you bros are aware, the primary reason that Leo’s expected to finally win the ‘Best Actor’ Academy Award is because of the painful conditions he was forced to film in, and how much punishment he put his body through while staying in character. You’d think that after a film like that Leo would want to hit St. Barts on his yacht with 50 naked models, but that’s not the case.

According to PageSix, Leonardo DiCaprio’s dropped a whopping $95,000 on an expedition to Mongolia that will include sleeping in a traditional Yurt and hunting using falcons:

Leonardo DiCaprio has plunked down a whopping $95,000 on an expedition to Mongolia, where he’ll go hunting with falcons and sleep in a “yurt” with Swedish explorer Johan Ernst Nilson.
Nilson, famed for his interest in environmental issues, will lead the 10-day journey that explores Lake Hovsgol, one of the clearest lakes in the world, nicknamed “Dark Blue Pearl of Mongolia.” Nilson tells us the trip will include horseback riding, eating with a nomadic family and “hunting with falcons.”
If they decide to do something like kayaking, DiCaprio will have lessons from a trainer.
While details of what they’ll bring will be decided, the star will be sleeping in a yurt, a traditional rounded tent.
The Hollywood star won’t totally be roughing it. A chef and other staff will travel with the pair along with local guides.

I guess what I said above about Leo in the Caribbean chilling on a yacht full of supermodels still stands. Why can’t he do both, right? He’s Leonardo DiCaprio, he can do whatever the fuck he wants whenever the hell he wants. So if he wants to take his private jet from Mongolia straight to the Caribbean then that’s exactly what he’ll do.

If you’re wondering what a yurt is, the hut that Leo will be sleeping in, this is a yurt (behind that badass falcon):

Honestly, this sounds like it’ll be one hell of a vacation. Is it worth the $95,000 that Leo spent on it at a charity auction? Probably not, but it’s for charity and $95,000 is peanuts to a guy like that.

[h/t PageSix]

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