Map Shows Your State’s Favorite Reality TV Show And WOW, America Sure Loves A Heaping Helping Of Shit

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There’s a lot of shit television programming out there, especially when it comes to reality TV shows. A majority of these so-called “reality” TV shows aren’t reality whatsoever, they have a plot and are scripted for the outcome that will garner the most ratings. However, people eat that shit up. assembled this infomap of the most popular reality TV shows in each state by analyzing Google Trends. What I realized is that America watches a lot of shit. From Keeping up with the Turdashians to Real Housewives of Whatever Shit Town to Vanderdump Rules to 19 Kids and Counting and Why Didn’t I Use a Condom 16 Kids Ago.

Some obvious ones are on this infomap. Like of course Nevada’s favorite TV show is Pawn Stars where degenerates sell their most cherished family possession passed down from generation to generation for $27 so they can bet on the Little League World Series. No shit New York loves Mob Wives and Long Island Medium. Utah shows their Mormon pride by watching the shit out of the polygamist Sister Wives show.

Then there are the weird states. New Hampshire, what’s up with Supernanny being your favorite show? Wyoming, you guys have strange things going on in your television habits. Your top three shows are Naked & Afraid, Sister Wives and 16 & Pregnant.

California is reality television purgatory with their three favorite shows being Keeping up with the Kardashians, Ru Paul’s Drag Race and Project Runway.

I’m moving to Illinois, they know how to TV. Their top shows are Shark Tank, The Apprentice and Hoarders.

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