Survey Reveals How Much Bros Would Pay To Go On A Date With Margot Robbie And It’s Not Chump Change

The cashback rewards site QuidCo conducted a survey with 2,000 British respondents putting a monetary value on priceless situations and it turns out a date with Margot Robbie will only set you back five figures. Meanwhile, Idris Elba (Beasts of No Nation, Avengers, Luther) went for about half that amount.

More than half of respondents would pay for “a completely new life” with the the price tag reaching almost $12 million. Other findings include men paying more to have a good-looking wife than women would pay to have a good-looking husband, while people would pay less for their partner to never cheat.

A person’s own brains were more highly valued than one’s own beauty and, as it turns out, people would actually lay down cash to have a rando compliment them or have a rain free summer. Apparently, the Brits haven’t heard of Los Angeles or San Diego.

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To be honest, if I had a million dollars, I would definitely put it towards having a good night’s sleep for a lifetime.

Here’s the going rate for the priceless:

A completely new life – £8.7 million = $11.57 million
To have good health for you and your family – £3,177,048 = $4,224,838
To have a good-looking wife – £93,033 = $123,715
To have a good-looking husband – £68,487 = $91,074
To be super intelligent – £154,234 = $205,100
For your partner to never cheat – £164,859 = $219,229
To be better looking – £156,917 = $208,668
A date with Margot Robbie – £41,317 = $54,943
A date with Idris Elba – £20,379 = $27,099
To enjoy your job – £17,426 = $23,173
To have a good night’s sleep for a year – £10,853 = $14,432
To have well behaved children – £7,777 = $10,341
A rain free summer – £1,479 = $1,966
The perfect kiss – £572 = $760
A compliment from a stranger – £50 = $66

Via Loaded, The Sun

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