Mark Hamill Dressed Up As A Stormtrooper In Public And No One Realized They Were Talking To Luke Skywalker (VIDEO)

According to YouTube, the cast and filmmakers of Star Wars: The Force Awakens teamed up with Omaze to offer the chance to meet the cast and attend the movie’s premiere in order to support the work of 15 separate charities. Enlisting the help of Mark Hamill to spread the word about the work they’re doing, Hamill dressed up as a Stormtrooper and went down on Hollywood Boulevard to spread the good news…and see if anyone would realize they were speaking to Mark Hamill.

Unsurprisingly, no one realized who they were talking to, and how could they? Not like they can see through that helmet, and besides Hamill looks NOTHING like the Luke Skywalker we all know and love. Bet that woman who says she loves “Mark Hamilton” will be kicking herself repeatedly if she ever sees this video.