Former Oakland A’s Pitcher Mark Mulder Watched ‘Moneyball’ for the First Time, Live-Tweeted All the Inaccuracies

You’d think it would be impossible for someone to wait several years to see a movie that they are portrayed in, but Mark Mulder claims to have done it. Last night was the first time the former Oakland A’s pitcher has Moneyball,  the story of how Billy Bean and the Oakland A’s changed the way baseball teams evaluated players.

Seeing as how it took him this long to watch it, Mulder decided that he’d share his thoughts about the movie in real-time on Twitter. It wasn’t all bad, he just felt the need to point out a few things that Moneyball got wrong, like A’s players having to pay for soda in the locker room as if they were fucking plebs or something.

Classic Mulder. (Note: I have no idea what classic Mulder consists of, just blindly assuming this is it.)

[H/T: Next Impulse Sports]