Marvel heroes world map pinpoints birthplace of 75 iconic comic characters

This map of the city of origin of Marvel heroes is pretty spectacular.

Real estate agency Movoto has done all of the dirty work by mapping out the birth places of the most iconic characters in Marvel comic history. The list of 75 Marvel heroes from some of the biggest comic book titles in printed funny pages history includes the good guys, the baddies, the sidekicks and a couple other randoms from the world of Marvel.

For part-time comic book dorks like myself, the Marvel heroes origin city sometimes escapes the brain. For example, totally forgot The Punisher was from Queens and I don’t think I ever knew The Vulture was born and raised on Staten Island.

Marvel heroes cities of origin

A few of the Marvel heroes hometowns on this list are pretty “duh” but fun for those not familiar that Sub-Mariner comes from Atlantis and Hercules hails from Greece. Most of the marvel heroes hometowns make complete sense with their characters (all the jerks are from New York and the lunatics from Philadelphia) and some hometown reveals actually shed a completely different light on the good guys and villains in the Marvel heroes universe.

The only one that has me scratching my head is The Beast hailing from Dundee, Illinois. Hm. Fair enough. One of the original X-Men writers must call Dundee home.

So which Marvel heroes are from my hometown? Wasp and Wonder Man. Yippee. We got Wonder Man. Yip. EE.

Click on the image for a better view of the Marvel heroes, the map and each hometown. Unless you’ve got superhuman vision. Then by all means, read the graphic without clicking.

That’s some super power you’ve got there. Remember — use it for good and not evil. And looking into the bedroom windows of women from miles away isn’t necessarily evil. It’s creepy but it ain’t evil.

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