Matt Damon Dressed Up As Tom Brady And Snuck Onto ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ To Terrorize Jimmy Once Again

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel hate each other. For years I thought it was all a ruse, and suspected that behind closed doors these two might be close friends, but I was wrong and they genuinely don’t get along.

You probably know that Matt Damon is a huge Pats fan. He was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He went to Harvard but dropped out before obtaining his degree in order to pursue a blossoming film career. Matt loves Boston as much as any other bro born in the city. So it was huge for him when Tom Brady won a record 5th Super Bowl on Sunday after overcoming the largest deficit in SB history en route to the greatest comeback of all time.

The Patriots winning the Super Bowl wasn’t enough for Matt, though, and he needed to really rub it in Jimmy Kimmel’s face. So Matt put on one of the few hundred Tom Brady uniforms he had laying around the house and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and pranked Jimmy into thinking that Tom Brady was a special guest. Clearly, Jimmy played along for a little while before acknowledging that there was no Tom Brady, so my hunch is the producers told Jimmy that some impersonator was coming on the show but didn’t tell him exactly who it was.