Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Has A BADASS ‘Shark Tank’-Style Show About Being A Texas Millionaire

My love for the McConaughey family just grew 10x. Matthew McConaughey is THE MAN when it comes to being a Bro in Hollywood. But did you know that Matthew has an older brother named Rooster McConaughey? Rooster might be my new hero — he’s a straight-talking, beer-drinking, salt-of-the-earth, self-made multimillionaire. He’s the owner of a angus cattle ranch called the LP Ranch, along with DGM Supply Inc in Midland, Texas — a company that provides piping for Texas’s oil and gas mining operations. According to one estimate, Rooster’s company has “an annual revenue of $20 to 50 million and employs a staff of approximately 10 to 19.”

The older is McConaughey is worth a small fortune, in other words. He doesn’t need to rest on the laurels of his younger brother’s success out in Lalaland. Which is why he has a new TV show on CNBC about doing business in Texas with entrepreneurs looking for an investment. It’s called West Texas Investors Club and it’s basically Shark Tank with more rattlesnakes, oil wells, and coyotes. McConaughey teamed up with his fellow eccentric self-made multimillionaire friends Butch Gilliam and Gil Prather.

The trailer is above. Robert Duvall narrates it. It kinda looks like Swamp People and Duck Dynasty but with less fluffy bullshit and more brass tacks business.

I’ll probably watch it with a tin of Skoal. And just my .02 but I think all bad business pitches should end with the potential investor throwing beer cans at the entrepreneur.

Starts Tuesday, August 4 at 10 P.M. E.T. on CNBC.

[H/T: Vanity Fair]

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