Bros, According To This Study Us Guys Lie A LOT More Than Chicks, But Only About The Weirdest Thing Ever

A recent study from Hulu uncovered a very bizarre discrepancy between men and women when it comes to lying, but only lying about their TV viewing habits. Specifically, they found that dudes lie a shit ton more than women, and only about TV shows they haven’t actually watched.

I guess I’m in the minority here because I’ve never lied about having watched a TV show that I’ve never seen. But a recent study from Hulu found that 62% of guys apparently have lied and said they’ve seen a TV show before when they haven’t, and I really don’t understand why this is something anyone would lie about. Furthermore, far fewer women lie about this, only 32% compared to 62% of men.

As for why men and women are lying about having watched TV shows let’s turn to Business Insider’s report:

Hulu surveyed about 1,000 TV-watching Americans, aged 18-49, and 46% admitted to lying about having watched a TV show.
That’s a lot already, but among men, the number was much higher. A whopping 62% of men said they’d lied, whereas only 32% of women said the same.
Millennials also lied slightly more often than the general population, at 55% overall.

So why are people lying?
“We are humans,” Hulu CMO Jenny Wall told Business Insider, laughing. People don’t want to feel left out when their friends are gabbing about the latest show, so they just go along with it. “I’ve lied about watching ‘Breaking Bad,’” Wall admitted.
Wall explained that the Hulu team was discussing this phenomenon among themselves, and decided to look into the data and find out if it was true for TV watchers at large. And it certainly was. 44% of the liars even said they’d fibbed in the past week.

So everyone’s lying because they ‘don’t want to feel left out’. I’m going to go ahead and say that Hulu’s straight up wrong in their assessment here and need to be called out for spreading misinformation. Yes, men are lying more than women, they’ve established this with their study. But men aren’t lying almost 2x more than women because they ‘don’t want to feel left out’.

Studies into FOMO, or ‘Fear of Missing Out’, show that more women experience FOMO than men. And if that’s the case then more women would be lying, unless they’re also willing to substantiate this study by showing data that men are more than 2x more likely to lie (about anything) than women. So I’m calling bullshit on FOMO being the reason that everyone’s lying.

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