Watch This Military Mom Absolutely Lose It When She Is Finally Reunited With Her Son

Today is a special day, to say the least. It is the day of this nation’s freedom, and during this day (and what should be almost every day) we should be remembering those who have served. The below video is a great testament as to why:

Cheri Hancock came home one day not expecting the best gift she could possibly get, her son. Kyle Kracht surprised his mom after spending nearly five years away from home in the Army. Her reaction was priceless. Hancock literally cannot stop screaming and hugging her son.

Kyle is stationed in El Paso, Texas with his family residing in Utah so traveling home is a bit hard. But Kyle had some financial help from his grandparents and was able to see his mother for the first time in nearly five years. According to TODAY, Kyle was overjoyed as well:

It’s way beyond anything I could’ve imagined her doing. I played it in my head a few times what she might do — cry, laugh — but I never thought it was going to be screaming bloody murder. –Kyle Kracht

It’s a great thing to see a family reunite like this. And hey, even the dog gets in on the feelings train.