The Monster For The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie Has Possibly Been Revealed, And He Looks Very Familiar…

While visiting a toy fair in New York, “toy enthusiast” and “super geek” Pixel Dan spotted the following figurine called “Rowan” at Mattel’s Ghostbusters display:

Does he look like anyone you know?



How about…this guy:

According to, their theory is that “Rowan” is based on the Ghostbusters’ classic “No Ghosts” sign. The resemblance is there, don’t you think? All that’s missing is the red bowtie, but for all we know it’s hidden underneath the circle-backslash.

And if the resemblance between the two isn’t enough for you, Mattel basically confirmed that “Rowan” is the villain for the new Ghostbusters:

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