The 33 Most Entertaining Celebrity Tweets This Week

Every week celebrities go on Twitter and speak their minds. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re thought-provoking, and sometimes we don’t know what they’re talking about. This list is all of that and more.

Strap in. It could get bumpy. These are the most entertaining celebrity tweets this week.

Oh boy, hot Jay Mariotti takes!

Bet they will love it.

That is funny.

Think he noticed?

I think that counts.

There really should be.

He really isn’t getting much help.

Just one of the many useful things the Internet provides.

That’s borderline blasphemy.

His life is way more fun than mine.

Don’t give Google any more ideas.

Isn’t that how everyone walks around Whole Foods?


I have that on my watch’s wristband.

He must have gotten the special celebrity treatment.


Damn, no laugh?

I would pay money to see those.

Dr. Ruth, always bringing it strong.

So gangsta.

That is some bullshit.


Maybe after he gets out of the hospital.

Imagination is a strange thing.

Solid point.


Thanks for that mental image.

I will now be training a dog to do that for me.

That is all.

Not for some people.

I’ve done that.

Have a great weekend, everybody.