The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Dominating At The 2015 World’s Strongest Man Competition

Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson is better known for his role of “The Mountain,” portraying the giant character of Gregor Clegane on HBO’s Game of Thrones. It’s apparent that CGI doesn’t play a role in bolstering Björnsson’s on-screen size; at 6’9″, 397 pounds, the Iceland native is nothing short of massive.

As it turns out, the raw strength that he exhibits in character on Game of Thrones is very much a representation of how powerful a guy he is in real life. Last year, Björnsson finished as the runner-up at the 2014 World’s Strongest Man competition.

Back at it again this year, The Mountain, of course, has his sights set on gold. Björnsson’s performance so far at the 2015 World’s Strongest Man competition in Putrajaya, Malaysia, has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Here he is demolishing the “Norse Hammers” event. And fair warning, towards the end of the video, Brit competitor Laurence Shahlei succumbs to the weight of one of the same giant pylons that gave Björnsson no problem at all.

He makes those gigantic, several hundred pound steel beams look like feathers. It’s super human almost.

And here’s Björnsson (far lane) wrecking the competition in the “Loading Race.”

The ease with which he operates is just not even fair. Finishing the event before his competitors are even on their second leg! Give the guy the gold already and be done with it.

That said, it would also be unfair not to show you how quickly he ran through the Strongest Man’s trademark event, the “Atlas Stones,” too.

Herculean strength, no doubt.

And if you are doubting, well, here’s one more video of The Mountain living up to his screen name and carrying close to 1000 pounds of rock around in a circle in, like, six seconds.

Now, I’m beginning to think that maybe real-life Björnsson and his character, Gregor Clegane, aren’t that different after all.

They’re both brazen as hell.

And they both scream a whole lot when destroying the competition.

Speaking of, best of luck to Hafthór in the remainder of the World’s Strongest Man, although it doesn’t look like he’ll need it.


Per a Facebook comment from one of our loyal readers, I have been informed that Björnsson is currently sitting in second place, trailing behind another gargantuan of a man, power lifter, Brian Shaw. So in that case, yes, he may need some luck on his side.

You can view standings and results for the entire 2015 World’s Strongest Man competition here.

[h/t & Jason Fritch]

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