This List Of Movies With Plots That Could Have Been Easily Solved Ruins Just About Every Movie You Love

Almost every movie involves the viewer to suspend just a little bit of belief and go with what’s happening on screen as something that could happen in real life. I mean anything COULD happen but when you’re watching a superhero flick where the good guy “saved the world” even though hundreds of buildings, with thousands of people inside, came toppling down you’ve got to go “I’m sure everyone got out safe.”

But then there are the movies where entire situations could be avoided with one simple phone call or action by the main character. Just do “this” and everything is fine. They don’t and then two hours of unnecessary actions and reactions follow.

This AskReddit thread asks the question “What movie had an absurdly simple solution to the problem that the characters blatantly ignore?” and some of the answers are spot on and are flat-out hilarious.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS…just a warning….

[via Reddit]

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