MTV Is Giving Kanye West Four Minutes At The VMAs To Do Whatever TF He Wants, God Save Us All

You name it, Kanye West might just do it. Considering THAT explosive VMAs where he interrupted Taylor Swift in the middle of her Best Female Video acceptance speech, or how he and Kim Kardashian recently put swift on blast for lying about her giving the OK for him to use her name in the song “Famous,” it’s clear that Kanye West gives zero fucks and does what he wants. And now, thanks to MTV, he’s about to do just that:

Whatever the fuck he wants.

According to Pitchfork, VMA producers have given Kanye four whole fuckin’ minutes to do whatever he wants on stage. Supposedly said producers “do not have any idea what he will decide to do.” Last year he went on a garbled rant where he announced his campaign for presidency, but that lasted well into the 10-minute range – dude’s only got four this year.

There’s LOADS of stuff you can do in four minutes. Kanye could make a bowl of easy mac, read a short children’s book aloud to the audience, chew through an entire pack of gum or even drop trough, shit in his hand and fling it into the audience. I knew a kid back in elementary school who shit in his hand and wrote “ERIC” in poopscript all over the bathroom wall; if he can do it, so can Kanye West.

The 2016 VMAs will take place Sunday, August 28th at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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