Natalie Portman Becomes A Badass With A Pistol In The First ‘Jane Got A Gun’ Trailer

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If it seems like it’s been forever since we’ve seen Natalie Portman in a movie that’s kind of because it has. Unless you somehow caught her in A Tale of Love and Darkness this year which was done in Hebrew, it’s been since 2013 and Thor: The Dark World since we’ve seen her in a flick.

That being said, if Jane Got A Gun came out when it was originally supposed to come out we wouldn’t be facing this situation with one of our favorite leading ladies.

You see, it was first announced way back in 2012 that Portman would be starring in Jane Got A Gun, but due to pretty much everyone else leaving the cast and crew since it’s now taken around five years for it to finally see the light of day.

Even after all that though the movie was originally scheduled to be released on August 29, 2014. That was then moved to February 20, 2015. Which was then moved to September 4, 2015. And finally, now it’s set for a February 2016 release, thus our first trailer. Amazingly, despite all the setbacks, it still looks pretty damn good.

Of course, Natalie Portman dressed up like a cowgirl brandishing some iron doesn’t hurt either.

Here’s the plot (via Wikipedia)…
Jane Hammond (Natalie Portman) has built a new life with her husband Bill “Ham” Hammond (Noah Emmerich) after being tormented by the Bishop Boys gang. She finds herself in the gang’s crosshairs once again when Ham stumbles home riddled with bullets after dueling with the Boys and their relentless leader, Colin (Ewan McGregor). With the vengeful crew hot on Ham’s trail, Jane has nowhere to turn but to her former fiancé Dan Frost (Joel Edgerton) for help in defending her family against certain death. Haunted by old memories, Jane’s past meets the present in a heart-stopping battle for survival.

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