Neil Degrasse Tyson Was Once An Amateur Wrestler And Damn Was He Jacked

Neil Degrasse Tyson never ceases to amaze. He’s brilliant, pretty damn hilarious and he looks just absolutely squeezable! Seriously. You just want to hug the guy. “Thanks for being so smart now come here so daddy can wrap his hands around that soft doughy center!”

Ken Anderson, my personal favorite TNA wrestler and self-proclaimed asshole, caught up with Neil Degrasse Tyson at the annual Television Critics Association a couple days ago and had the chance to talk with the astrophysicist. I’m sure he tried to hug him too. During their conversation, Degrasse Tyson dropped the bomb on Anderson that he was an amateur wrestler in his younger days. Degrasse Tyson even had the photos to prove it and Anderson quickly posted it to his Instagram account.

Holy balls of gas, Neil Degrasse Tyson was yoked! He looks like a 1970s super hero. Imagine if he kept hitting the weights and the books? He might be our first real life super hero. Astro Man. Afro Man. Afro Astro. Whatever. Let’s get him back in the gym.