This New ‘Transformers 4’ Trailer Will Have You Smashing Something

Awwwww yeah. New. Transformers. Trailer. There are fire-breathing dinobots now. Someone hold Michael Bay back! HIS WIZARDRY IS NOT OF THIS WORLD.

Who’s here for this go-around? Marky Mark, natch. His guns are popping, yo. AND I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT AKs. Is Megan Fox still around? I don’t think she is. Whatever. Bay’s definitely got some hotties on lock. Because every chick on a Nebraska farm looks exactly like Nicola Peltz. (Note: I have never seen a Transformers movie sober.)

“This is not war. It’s human extinction,” says Optimus Prime. (This may be a callback to the movie title.) Stanley Tucci is bald and screaming as a cruise ship falls from the sky. Age of Extinction will sweep the 2015 Oscars.