Testing My Sports Knowledge On FanClash Earned Me Serious Cash, And Now I’m Hooked On Playing It

If you’re anything like I am with my buddies, you’re probably constantly testing one another’s sports knowledge by asking the most absurd questions while out drinking at a bar. You know the ones: “Who was Jay Cutler’s go-to wide receiver while playing at Vanderbilt in college?” (Answer: Earl Bennett) Or, “Bet you can’t name the five starters on the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ team that won 72 regular games and finished the season with a title, bro?” (Answer: Luc Longley, Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper, Michael Jordan).

These are just a few of the brain busters that we often toss to friends when we’re hanging out, but imagine being able to not only test your skills, but also sharpen them, too? For as much of a sports encyclopedia as I claim to be, having just been told about a new site called FanClash has me hooked on sports trivia every single day—and, believe me, after playing for a few rounds on the site, you probably will, too.

Here’s how it works: Like any sites these days, you go ahead and create an account and deposit some cash into it for you to risk during a variety of trivia games. But here’s what makes it so much more unique than picking a couple guys and hoping they perform on a weekly basis—you’re in control of the outcome, competing against other live players then and there.

That’s right, giving you the option to either go head-to-head or compete in a big group, FanClash tests your sports knowledge with questions that are a blend between easy and near-impossible, with a timer counting backwards from 10 that really presses you to choose an answer before time runs out, with users rewarded with bonus points for how quickly they answer correctly.

Even cooler, there are featured events and quick play options that range from questions about the most current live sporting events like last week’s NFL games—which I sucked at—to NBA History and NFL History from 2010-15, among others.

The scoring is real-time after each question, so you know exactly where you stand in terms of leading or trailing, with the exact difference between players updating after each question expires.

After getting to talk with one of the founders, Josh Weinstein, while I was playing, he told me that the proprietary system they use to generate the questions is what makes the entire game unique, allowing users to almost never see the exact question repeat itself, meaning there are literally hundreds of thousands of sports questions just waiting to see if you know your stuff.

As someone who used to waste his time swiping left and right on hot girls while sitting on a train or bus during my commute around town, FanClash has pretty much made me obsessed with it over the past few days, with me finding myself playing it while I’m watching TV or, yes, doing my business on the toilet. I mean, where else can you say that you won cold hard cash while sitting on the throne?

We all like winning, and FanClash is the newest way to get your fill.

Think you know your sports stuff? Compete on FanClash tonight (Tues. 11/24) between 8–11pm EST for your chance to win FanClash credit or 2 tickets to a 2015 NFL game in a city of your choice!

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