Newly Discovered ‘Making A Murderer’ Evidence Could Prove That Manitowoc Police Framed Steven Avery

While Internet sleuths have come up with a plethora of suggestions on who actually killed Teresa Halbach, ranging from a theory that wonderfully explains Colborn’s 911 call about Teresa’s car to an explanation on why only ONE of Halbach’s keys were found in Avery’s home, none of it has really been much help. Theories are one thing and hard, tangible evidence is another. So imagine the delight Steven Avery must have felt to find out that Teresa Halbach’s death certificate could possibly used to further prove that Manitowoc police framed Steven Avery:

The ratified certificate seen by Mirror Online has an number of glaring anomalies, according to campaigners.

And some of the dates or times don’t seem to add up with key parts of the form being filled in either incorrectly or wrongly, it has been claimed.

Among the bizarre aberrations is the “immediate cause” of death which was initially filled in with the word “undetermined” but has a line drawn through the middle of it.

Another peculiar filing is the fact that the medical examiner has checked the box to confirm that an “autopsy” was completed – but without an intact body being found.(via)

The death certificate was reportedly completed and signed six weeks before the FBI had even confirmed that the DNA collected from the body was Halbach’s, which seems indicative that the Manitowoc police wanted to shut this case and get Avery behind bars as quickly as possible.

Even more damning? The fact that the certificate was signed off on the same day that Avery’s preliminary trial began. It’s probably not a great sign for Manitowoc police that the dates are all janky to begin with either:

According to historical reports bones belonging to Halbach, the 25-year-old freelance photographer who disappeared October 31 2005, were found in a burn pit and two other locations over an 11 day period after she went missing.

However, her death certificate records the date of her death as 10th November – meaning that not all of the evidence could have been collected in this time frame.(via)

Take all this into account alongside the fact that scientists have come out to explain why the original DNA evidence collected is complete and utter bullshit, there’s no way you CAN’T admit there’s reasonable doubt in the case. But is it enough to get Avery out of jail, or at the very least a new trial? Only time will tell.

[H/T Mirror]