Nick Offerman Spews Mad Life Advice, Smokes Weed, in the Trailer for ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me’

This is the trailer for “Somebody Up There Likes Me,” a movie that seems very insistent on letting everyone know that it's an indie movie. That's definitely not a reason to disregard it, though. Starring Offerman, Keith Poulson, Jess Weixler, Megan Mullally, Kevin Corrigan, and more, the film has an incredibly first-world logline, which you can read below:

Thirty-five years in the life of Max (Keith Poulson), his best friend Sal (Nick Offerman) and a woman they both adore, Lyla (Jess Weixler). The trio stumble through mandatory but seemingly unfulfilling entanglements, at weddings, funerals, hospitals, eateries, divorce courts and the tool shed. A deadpan fable about time sneaking up on and swerving right around us.  

Below is also a solid promo, in which Offerman, Mullallly, and world's finest cursh Alison Brie enjoy some marijuana. 

[H/T: Vulture]