Which Breaking Bad Characters Are Going to Die?

Saul Goodman: 80-1

What’s funny about America’s most beloved television lawyer is that he’s been playing the high-stakes crime game longer than anyone else. Sure, his hands are more dirty than bloody, but it wasn’t but a few episode in that he found himself staring into an empty ditch with his name on it. But Goodman has alligator blood. He’s a survivor. Not only is he not dead, his business is afloat and, presumably, still turning a proft.
Sadly, there’s a stark difference between merely surviving and truly living. In the final shot of season five, we see Goodman pouring himself a stiff drink, seemingly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Killing off the wisecracking comedic relief would be an unpopular choice. Luckily, I give him the longest odds of winding up six-feet under.
After all, what about that spinoff that’s been so breathlessly discussed?   

Skyler White: 70-1

Though at times she’s wished for sweet death to take her away from her irreversibly changed life, the matriarch of the White family has never come close to the real thing. That could now change, although of all the main characters, her demise would resonate least with viewers.
The fact that no one would miss her is a testament to Anna Gunn’s portrayal of a woman decimated through no fault of her own.
Her story is already a tragedy. And it surely won’t get happier now that her sister, the one person she could always count on, will be forced to side up with Hank after his discovery.

Death might be a better option, but don’t count on it happening.

Steve Gomez 45-1

Gomie is one cool dude. Nothing throws him. He’s the constant professional yin to Hank’s freewheeling yang.
I’m sorry, but I can’t envision a situation in which this fine DEA agent is left bleeding out in the hot sun.
Ancillary characters never get the glory they deserve.

Walt Jr. 40-1

I was a big fan of the theory that took Flynn’s season 5a brooding up a big-time notch – that his anger and despondency would ultimately result it Walt Jr. indulging in the powder blue. While there’s still some time, the series seems to be moving towards plugging up bombshells rather than opening up new ones.

Walt Jr. has always stayed away from the heavy action. He’s shielded by both sides now, Walt and Hank. Both will likely protect Flynn at all costs.

Then again, this is Breaking Bad.

Marie Schrader 25-1

Marie gets ranked a bit higher than Sklyer because you get the sense that there’s something left. She’s stuck around for this long, she’s weirdly taken Walt’s side on things in the past, and her klepto has gone largely unresolved. Perhaps Marie has a hidden Heisenberg inside her? A lot of potential for some loose ends to be tied up in an “oh shit” manner.

Todd: 20-1

What’s this dude all about? Your guess is as good as mine. He’s everything Walt ever wanted Jesse to be, and yet he’ll never wedge his way into that special place in Heisenberg’s heart reserved for a former student.

We do know that Todd will do anything and is unfazed with weighty life-and-death decisions. It wouldn’t be shocking for him to meet his maker while trying to defend the business. He seems principled – perhaps to a fault.

Walt and Jesse rejoining forces would seem like a logical step for the show to take. The Aryan with the itchy trigger finger could very well find himself on the outside looking in.

Or much, much worse.

Badger and Skinny Pete 18-1

There’s no reason for them to die, which is exactly why this lovable fringe duo might not make it. Senseless casualty happens when its a firefight of this magnitude. 

Hank Schrader 6-1

Things are not looking great for ol’ Hank. When we last saw him, he was realizing, mid-dump mind you, that his brother-in-law was the drug dealer that had been ruining his life for over a year. Talk about an OH SHIT moment.

So, yeah, dude is angry. Candidly, I don’t know how they will get out of tonight’s premiere episode. I don’t understand how there won’t be a shootout the moment he exits that bathroom. Guess that’s why I’m not a professional television writer.

Hank has a long history of thinking with his gun and staring down death. So far, he’s been lucky to escape with his life. Can he keep up his remarkable breathing streak?

It’s not likely.

Methinks that ricin is finally going to find its ultimate resting place. And that resting place is going to be this lawman’s beefy belly.

Jesse Pinkman 5-1

Jesse wasn’t supposed to survive past the first season. But his brilliant acting, yo, has kept him around, and has been crucial into molding the show into what it is. There’s still some unsettled beef between Jesse and Walt, and that’s only the stuff Jesse knows about. Brock poison 2011 + the Jane Hendrix incident aren’t privy to Pinkman. You’ve gotta think if one of those dominos falls, violence.

And that’s just the tip of the crystallized ice berg. Hanks SURE to go after Pinkman in the post WW era. Will he turn? If he does, will he be put in harm’s way to hunt Walter down? A lot of dangerous scenarios.

Walter White 1-1

We were theorizing endings in the office, and one that came up involved Walt back to square one; working at the car wash, a broken man now without a family. As poetic and full circle that may be, we’re way too deep in Scarface for that to happen.

We all know Walts a ticking time bomb, a target on his back the size of Hank’s love for minerals. Be it his army of loved one’s now turned against him, or himself (via @thecancer), it’s pretty tough to see Walt not taking himself down by the series’ conclusion. Think of it as those two girls that were best friends in middle school, and then had a highly publicized falling out. When shots were fired there, all that happened was they sat at different lunch tables, and made countless jabs at them with song lyrics on their aim profile. In this case, song lyrics take the form of bullets and explosions. And Walt’s front and center.

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