Over/Under On A Celebrity Saying Something Terrible About Caitlyn Jenner? Drake Bell, NOOOO!!!



You can delete all the tweets you want, Drake Bell. But screenshots live in infamy for all of time, pal.


Drake, take foot and insert to mouth.

What’s the motivation to do this kind of thing, bro? Becoming Twitter relevant for 15 seconds, then dealing with the public backlash for the next month. Doesn’t matter what your stance is on Caitlyn Jenner’s whole schtick, you just have to keep stuff like this to yourself when you’re a public figure.

After deleting the tweet that had been up for some time, Bell issued two more statements, sounding cockily un-phased about his previous words.



I swear every celebrity should be required to renew some kind of public relations certification bi-annually or something, like people who work in finance do with their Series 7’s. Just a simple, 12-hour crash course in not being an idiot.

CELEB PR 101: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Not a good look for Drake Bell. Josh would never be caught saying shit like this. On him to clean the mess up now, though, because the Twitter comments rolling in are the exact opposite of pleasant, despite the former Drake & Josh star trying to make sense of his comments.


And you’re wrong again, Drake. Don’t care how you cut it, Jenner doesn’t crack the top 10 when we’re talking best athletes of all-time, ever. Quit while you’re ahead, bro.

UPDATE: Drake Bell has now deleted all tweets involved with his Caitlyn Jenner “oopsie,” and instead signed off of Twitter for the time being. Smart move.