People Are PISSED That Last Night’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Was A Massive Cop-Out And I Can’t Say I Disagree


For the past eight weeks I’ve been hyping up each and every episode of Game of Thrones, defending the slow episodes by saying “Well they were just setting up for next week to be awesome!” and then defending the NEXT episode being “meh” by saying “Okay that one was setting up for the final three episodes of the season since they’re all going to be at least an hour long!”

So here we are: last night was the third to last episode of the season…

…and not gonna lie, it was a bit of a cop-out.

Not only did all the theories on why Arya was such a dimwit in letting the Waif stab her not come to fruition, but the Blackfish died off-screen AND had some moderately pointless logic to go along with it.

“Sorry Brienne, can’t go help Sansa because I gotta defend my house!”

-20 minutes later-

“My house is turning against me? I’m needed in the north helping my niece’s daughter? LOL SRY GUISE GOTTA DIE INSTEAD BRB.”

Granted, he did say he’d die in Riverrun before Jaime Lannister took it over…but come on. Helping your niece reclaim her position in the north > dying for pride. And don’t get me started on Daenerys arriving in Meereen at JUST the right time, or how any Lady Stoneheart hype died with Beric Dondarrion showing up. Apparently I’m not the only one who felt last night went off with more of a fart than a bang though, as Twitter wasn’t happy with the way things worked out:

At least Cleganebowl might still be happening, although not in the way we expected – there’s no way The Hound got brought back just to slaughter some idiots pretending to be with The Brotherhood Without Banners, right? RIGHT?

Oh well. We still got Bastardbowl to look forward to, although at this point I’m going to stop hyping up the episodes since I’m continually wrong about everything: