Peter Dinklage Reveals The Insane Amount Of Whole Chickens The Mountain Eats For Dinner

We’ve seen the otherworldly strength that The Mountain AKA Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson has, but now we get some insight as to what fuels this monstrous beast. Protein and an ungodly amount. The Mountain has smashed world records in brawn several times, but he may also have a future in competitive eating.

On Tuesday night, Peter Dinklage was promoting Season 5 of Game of Thrones (like it needs any publicity these days) on The Daily Show. He told Jon Stewart a story of a particularly odd compliment that he received by a stranger while walking in the streets of New York City.

“I hope you don’t die,” the woman told Dinklage.

Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister on GoT, explained how the comment surprised him:

“I didn’t put it together because I was tired and I’m a wreck before I have my coffee. It was so weird. And it took me a second, and it was so terrifying.”

“I hope I don’t either,” he agreed with the woman. Then asked her, “Do you know something I don’t know?”

You never do know for sure when George R.R. Martin is around.

Dinklage also told of a time when he had dinner with The Mountain while filming the epic show in Croatia (Why is there no photos of this stupendously amazing dinner?).

“He ate seven chickens,” Dinklage told Stewart. “Like whole chickens, like roast chicken.” Stewart comically clarified, “Oh, so they were cooked?”

First it was Jon Snow, now it’s The Mountain, in Game Of Thrones characters that you should never invite to your dinner party.

Good thing they had chicken, otherwise the gargantuan 6’9″ 419 lbs Icelandic strongman could have eaten like two Tyrion Lannisters.

Suddenly The Hound’s chicken-eating abilities don’t seem that impressive.