Phil Hartman Phone Recording To Fan Is Hilarious But His Closing Remarks Are A Real Gut Punch

May 28, 2016 marks the 18 year anniversary of the sad passing of Phil Hartman. Hartman was beloved by fans and his comedy colleagues for not only being a class performer but for being a genuinely nice guy off the stage.

This recently unearthed recording proves Phil was a champion at being a friend and being funny.

Tomorrow marks 18 years since the tragic death of legendary SNL alum and actor Phil Hartman, and to honor his memory, a fan named Dave Nelson has shared a very special, never-before-heard recording that’s just another example of what made Hartman a wonderful guy. Here’s what Mike Scott, who uploaded Nelson’s recording, told us:

In 1993 a Phil Hartman fan by the name of Dave Nelson sent Phil a letter and a request to record an outgoing message for his answering machine. Phil not only obliged, but gave him three additional versions that he came up with. For me, it’s a wonderfully bittersweet nearly 3 minutes and almost like it’s hearing him from ‘the great beyond.’

Hartman’s impressions are still classics, and a fun listen, but those last few lines. Ugh. Heartbreaking.

Hopefully there’s a great beyond and Phil is there cutting people up with his Sinatra.

[via Splitsider]

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