Praise The Marijuana Gods Because We Are Getting ‘Planet Earth II’

Look at that mother fucking snow leopard. LOOK AT THAT MOTHER FUCKER. Look at it. Look at it.

Look at it.

Back in 2006, the perfect show for potheads debuted. One of the first series ever shot completely in HD, Planet Earth took viewers to the greatest, craziest, strangest locations on Earth.

They went deep into caves to find animals that evolved without eyes. Animals with no eyes! Filmed great white sharks mollywhopping seals. Whales man, they filmed fucking whales.

It was, without a doubt, the greatest show ever, and it was the greatest show ever to get baked beforehand. Smoke a blunt and be transported to the Arctic Circle. Puff some nugs and see some fucking tigers doing tiger shit. Weird ass birds. So many weird ass birds. Remember that bird that danced?

It’s back. It’s back. It’s back.

That’s right, the BBC is launching Planet Earth II. From Facebook:

Shot in Ultra-high-definition, using the latest camera stabilisation, remote recording and aerial drone technology, we take the audience closer to nature and allow you to experience the wilderness as if you were there. Planet Earth II promises to give you the most immersive wildlife documentary experience to date.

Fuck fucking yes. Fuck fucking yes.

David Attenborough and your marijuana-addled mind will narrate the experience.

Fuck fucking yes. The six-episode mini-series will air on the BBC later this year. We’ll keep you posted about when it comes to America.

[Via Variety]