‘Predator 4’ Just Got An Official Release Date

The release date’s officially been set for Shane Black’s ‘Predator 4’ for March 2nd, 2018. This exciting, albeit semi-frustrating (time move quicker) news come just a couple weeks after 20th Century Fox leaked some photos from ‘Predator 4’.

The script for ‘Predator 4’ was penned by Shane Black (rumored to be directing as well) and Fred Dekker. Just a heads-up but Shane Black has been a part of ‘The Predator’ franchise since he donned the iconic alien dreadlocks getup back in 1987. At this point all we really know is that Black is directing/co-writing for this movie, and when the film will come out; but dude that’s plenty enough for bros like Fred Dekker:

As far as I’m concerned Spring 2018 can’t come soon enough man, because damn if that leaked ‘Predator’ image shows all signs of what I suspect will be some seriously kickass costumes/CGI for the film.

[H/T: Comicbook]