Rihanna Gave a Nerdy Guy a Lap Dance and It Took All Of His Might To Not Touch Her Ass

Rihanna is maybe BroBible’s chick in the world. So, how awesome is it that she pulled this nerdy Bro out of the crowd and gave him one of the most erotic, gyrating lap dances you’ll ever see on stage in front of thousands? Rihanna even did the whole “I’m going to take off your glasses” move, which is something that just sorta naturally happens if you enter a strip club wearing glasses. The participant was a total champ about it, too.

But more importantly, this man knows his strip club etiquette. Rule #1: No touching the merchandise. Check out the hover hands and incredible restraint he exhibits to NOT touch Bad Gal RiRi’s ass, even though the temptation is presumably very real. Excellent use of hover hands. Good on you, Bro.

Rihanna… Keep being awesome.

[H/T: Daily Dot]

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