Robert Downey, Jr. Punks Tom Hiddleston By Welcoming Him To Instagram With A Sick Taylor Swift Burn

Tom Hiddleston is down in Australia shooting Thor: Ragnarok so in an effort to promote the film and his return to his role as Loki he decided to finally join Instagram on Tuesday.

Posting a photo of himself in full Loki gear, including the lustrous hair, Hiddleston captioned the pic, “He’s back.”

Not one to just let something as momentous as this pass without comment, Hiddleston’s many-time co-star Robert Downey, Jr. decided to have a little fun at Hiddleston’s expense.

Downey posted the photo below with the tongue-in-cheek caption, “Join me in welcoming the biggest T. Stark fan of them all to Instagram! @twhiddleston.”

Yes, that is the infamous “I Love T.S.” shirt that earned Hiddleston many jokes at his expense all over the internet awhile back.

Gotta love how Downey played it off like the T.S. stands for Tony Stark.

These two must be pretty tight bros for Downey to drop a burn like that on Hiddleston in front of his 10 million-plus Instagram followers. Can’t wait to see if Hiddleston responds back. We could have a hell of a fun faux-Instagram war on our hands.

Tom Hiddleston cover image: Joe Seer /

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