Ryan Reynolds Holds Nothing Back When He’s Asked To Rate The ‘Green Lantern’ Movie

Ryan Reynolds laid down some sweet, unfiltered, blazingly candid real-talk when he was on ‘Watch What Happens’ with Andy Cohen recently. We’re talking about everything from what Reynolds would rate his taint–actually though, like what?–to who Reynolds suspects might be the closeted homosexual of the superhero pack. Hint: his answer is anything but what you might expect.

I’ll shoot straight: the more PR, interviews, talk show clips, I see co-starring Reynolds, the more I find myself respecting the guy, and just like ‘damn, it took that long for us to this authentic, genuinely hilarious, notably dapper Canadian gent some big time roles like the whole box-office shattering ‘Deadpool’ bit? To top it off his assessment of that absolute tank, ‘Green Lantern,’ was on point. Seriously, what was going on with that movie? The movie’s main villain (spoiler alert galore) is tantamount to a fat green Incredible Hulk sized fart cloud, that literally does nothing but move uber slow through space. Anyways it is great to see Reynolds on track and in the fast lane for some serious post ‘Deadpool’ glory days. Can’t wait for that sequel.