Ryan Reynolds Will Break The Internet With His Latest Tip On The Ideal Marriage Proposal

What I love more than ‘googling’ Ryan Reynolds to find the impossibly humorous enviously-stud-coated star’s latest antics, is finding a story about the fact that his whole exposed butt bit in ‘Deadpool’ was/is very relatable to a true story..his best bro’s story:

“That is loosely based on a friend of mine, who got engaged in a similar fashion, but in a far more graphic and disgusting way than we portrayed it in the film. “

Wow right? Talk about an impactful proposal, and then keep talking for a bit. It gets better, somehow though, because he stepped forward to advocate the fact that that shit should probably catch on for more of the bros out there; but let’s be real, none of us are keeping the junk as tight as Deadpool.

“I do hope the pantless proposal catches on. I hope Kaye Jewelers and Jared do an ad campaign supporting this at some point… But I wouldn’t count on that part.”