‘Sad Full House’ Will Make You Either Cry Or Cry Laughing

Who didn’t grow up watching the gang on Full House getting into crazy antics each week? Sibling in-fighting, creepy old men living with children, dead parents; it was a laugh a minute!

But it wasn’t always pie in the face slapstick comedy on the beloved series that made the Olsen twins the hottest babies in the game. Sometimes, shit got real.

Youtube user and comedian, BenjaminApple, decided to boil these emotional moments down to bite-size episodes, creating a series within the series, known as Sad Full House. Man, I guess I don’t remember the show being so… depressing.

Some important suggestions for Benjamin on future eps –
The episode when Stephanie’s friend admits to getting savagely beaten by his dad.
The episode when Uncle Jesse’s grandpa, Papouli, dies.
The episode when DJ develops an eating disorder.