Salma Hayek Is A Badass In A Bra And Panties In New Trailer For ‘Everly’

Salma Hayek as a prostitute who blows away hired killers and other prostitutes trying collect a bounty on her head all while doing it wearing very little clothing in many of the scenes? Why are we just hearing about this now? And why has it taken until Salma is 48 years-old for her to get a ass-kicking role like this. Not that it matters, Salma Hayek apparently swims in the fountain of youth and could still pass for someone half her age as you will clearly see in the trailer below.

Synopsis: Everly, a prostitute working for the brutal criminal overlord Taiko, is being attacked in her apartment by Taiko’s enforcers after he discovers that she has been working with the police to bring down his organization. However, though Taiko expected his men to kill her easily after torturing her, Everly retrieves a gun she had hidden and manages to kill all of her attackers. Taiko then begins a sadistic game of toying with Everly, dispatching numerous hired killers and offering the other prostitutes in the building (which he presumably owns) a bounty if they manage to kill her. Meanwhile, Everly attempts to contact her mother and daughter to save them from other henchmen of Taiko and get them out of the situation alive.

Everly hits theaters on February 27, 2015, but is already available on iTunes now (which is probably not a great sign).