‘Saturday Night Live’’s ‘Distasteful’ And ‘Embarrassing’ Skits Meant To Honor Prince Have Pissed A Lot Of People Off

Rather than do their usual 90 minute-long sketch-based comedy show, this past weekend Saturday Night Live decided to take a different route and present a tribute to Prince…and THEN whip out the sketch-based comedy.

The first hour of the show (embedded above) was titled “Goodnight, Sweet Prince” and featured four performances from when Prince had previously appeared on Saturday Night Live. Four flashback performances, however, wasn’t enough to fill the time slot – so to pad out the second half of the program they threw in a compilation of old sketches built around “The Prince Show,” featuring Fred Armisen as Prince and Maya Rudolph as Beyonce.

Understandably, this did not go over well:

Regardless of how you felt about the tribute on Saturday, you have to admit the man was a music legend, with his top performances completely blowing everyone else out of the water:

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