‘Sausage Party’ Was Rated NC-17, But Got To An ‘R’ By Digitally Shaving The Hair Off A Pita Bread’s Ballsack

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Man, I would love to be a Superfly on the wall of the MPAA board review room as people paid to determine movie ratings have to watch an animated food orgy scene to see if no children under the age of 17 should see it. You think they actually bring in a 16-year-old kid as a lab rat? Tape open his or her eyes and roll the clip? And if he or she dies, then you know it’s too rough for an R-rating?

Anyway, Seth Rogen went on The Howard Stern Show this past week and talked about how he and his cohorts on Sausage Party put in a ton of really raunchy stuff into the funny food flick knowing full well that most, if not all, of it would have to get cut to secure an R-rating, which seems like it’s more work (and budget spent) than what it’s worth. Turns out the MPAA was unusually cool with a lot of what they put in, but took issue with the pita bread’s scrotum.

So, next time you want to show your balls to kids under the age of 17, make sure to shave your nutsack first. Totally acceptable sans hair. And don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise. Tell ’em to talk to the MPAA.

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